Calibration for Field Crop

Check driving speed:

1) Half fill the spray tank with water.

2) Mark out 100 m – note time to drive the distance.

3) Driving speed formula: Distance driven (m) x 3.6 / Time (sec) = km/h

Example:If it takes 50 seconds to drive 100 metres then the spraying speed is 7.2 km/hour.


Select nozzle:

Use the calibration disc or formula (nozzle spacing 50 cm):

Example: By aligning 150 l/ha and 7 km/h on the calibration disc the line in the "window" (l/ha) shows that we need a flow of 0.875 l/min.

Then a suitable combination of nozzle size and pressure can be found on the lower half of the calibration disc: ISO 025 at 2,3 bar (or ISO 02 at 3,6 bar).

If using the formula: (7 km/h x 150 l/ha)/1200 = 0.875 l/min

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