Optimize Spray Technique

Be prepared to optimize spraying technique “on the go”
Rather compromise on drop size than timing.

In many applications - from fungicide spraying in potatoes to dicotyledonous stage, broad leaf weed herbicide treatments -timing is very critical. Here a delay may often prompt the need for a higher dose or an increased number of applications.

The potential efficacy loss due to an increased droplet size - that offers less drift risk - will be less dramatic, as long as a good liquid distribution is maintained. Hence it is a good idea to have a set of low drift nozzles or INJET nozzles ready on the nozzle holders in case wind speed increases – and is a lot more convenient and safer than returning with a half full spray tank. Because there can be up to 10% difference in flow for new and worn nozzles both sets of nozzles should be calibrated - even if both sets are ISO nozzles.

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