PUMP 364/10 MOD 540 RPM 120 OSP


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Hardi 364 Pump Parts List

The driver and heart of every Hardi product is the pump. To meet the requirements of bigger sprayers and to improve the lifetime, Hardi has redesigned their 364 series pumps.

The most visible change is the new covers designed to protect the pump from mud and water getting into the systems.

To facilitate ease of service, Hardi has added integrated hooks to the diaphragm tops and have improved the lifetime of their diaphragms.

Greasing has never been easier through the two non-rotating greasing points on the front side of the pump, allowing greasing of both the front and the rear main bearings of the pump.

To reduce pressure drops in the system, Hardi has improved the water flow in the diaphragm tops. The casted conrod support ring has also been redesigned for improved mechanical life time.


- High capacity six diaphragms positive displacement radial pump.
- Optimized water flow.
- Improved diaphragms .
- Two Non-rotating remote greasing points.
- New design of diaphragm top locks with integrated lifting hooks.
- Mud and water covers for protecting the pump heads.
- Cast connecting rod support ring for improved mechanical lifetime.
- Self-priming and able to run dry.
- Can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise.
- Dry sump to simplify maintenance.
- No special tools required for servicing.
- Cast iron crankcase and covers.
- 1.5" suction port and 1.25" pressure port.


- 6 Spline 1-3/8" shaft, for tractor use.
- Normal operating revolutions: 540 r/min.
- Maximum pressure: 15 bar / 220 PSI.
- Maximum vacuum: 0.48 bar / 7.1 PSI.
- Weight, 52.2 kg / 115 lb.
- Offset Ports

  • Model: 82170400