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Robust & Durable

The Cooper Pegler CP3 Classic series of diaphragm pump sprayers have been used for decades. The Classic has proven to be one of the most durable, robust and accurate sprayers on the market and is well suited for pesticide application under very harsh conditions.

The unique pump, combined with a pressure relief valve, tolerates abrasive particles, like wettable powders and dirty water. There are no direct friction surfaces so it is also easy to pump.

The relief valve limits the pressure to approx. 15 PSI, recommended for herbicides, and approx. 45 PSI, recommended for fungicides and insecticides. The excess liquid simply returns to the tank.

The Classic series has a contoured tank with rounded skirt and recessed straps. This allows the user to work for many hours without discomfort.

Technical Specification

Tank Capacity, rated / max (US Gal) 5.28 Rated / 6.61 Max

Tank Capacity, rated / max (L) 20 L Rated / 25 L Max

Pump Type Diaphragm

Tank Material Polyethylene

Tank Opening (Inch) 5.5"

Weight Empty (lbs) 11.3 lbs

Max Working Pressure (PSI) 45 PSI

Delivery Hose Length (Inch) 50"

Harness Material Polyester Braid

Shoulder Pad Material Polyethylene

Lance Length (Inch) 20"

Nozzles (ISO): Herbicide Reflex Green

Fungicide / Insecticide Hollow Cone Yellow

Carton Size L x W x H (Inch) 10" x 16" x 21.5"

Shipping Weight (lbs) 12.7 lbs

  • Model: 846320