Winterizing Your Sprayer


Use the following steps to insure your sprayer is safe for winter and ready for next spring.

Cleaning the sprayer for end of season (or when needed):

WARNING: Never enter inside the spray tank.
WARNING: Never use bleach when using Hardi Tank Clean or any ammonia based product.

(Bleach should be never used to clean a sprayer)

REMINDER: Always wear protective clothing around chemicals and chemical equipment.

1. Remove/open drain plugs and wash the tank inside and out, scrubbing where necessary.
2. Remove all filters, nozzles, nozzle screens and pipe end caps and let soak in 4 gallons of water with a ½ quart of Hardi Tank Clean. Use a soft bush to scrub away any build up.
3. Close the drain and add clean water. Flush all clean water out of the sprayer by operating the boom and all accessories.
4. Fill the sprayer with 100 gallons of clean water and add 2 quarts of Hardi Tank Clean.
5. Start the pump, circulate the entire system, and let soak overnight.
6. One day later - empty the tank, add fresh water, and rinse the system.
7. Reinstall all screens and nozzles. Remember: Lubricate all o-rings with vegetable oil.

Winterizing the main system:

1. Add approximately 4-5 gallons of automotive antifreeze to the empty tank (be sure to check mixture for strength, add more if necessary).
2. Turn off all boom sections, but leave the master spray switch on. Turn on the pump.
3. Run the mixture through the entire system making sure that all accessories and necessary components have been operated thoroughly. (Do not run through the boom, as this will run anti-freeze onto the ground)
4. Make sure to drain all accessory tanks and lines. (Flush tank, fresh water tank, foam marker tank.)
5. Use compressed air to blow out any residue from foam marker solution lines. Open, drain, and clean foam marker mixing chambers. Run foam marker compressor and make sure all internal components and lines are dry.

Winterizing the spray boom:

1. Remove the boom feed hoses from the boom section valves.
2. Using compressed air thoroughly flush each boom section through the feed hose and out the nozzles until dry.
3. Remove the nozzle tube end plugs and continue to blow out any water from the boom.
4. Remove and dump out any boom section filters.
5. Ensure that your boom is free of water and re-install components (Being sure to lubricate any o-rings with vegetable oil.)
6. Remove all gauges and store indoors in an upright position to prevent freezing.

REMNIDER: Use this time to apply any touch up paint and inspect sprayer for damage.

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